Foreclosures are a very specialized type of practice area that requires the same specialized support. team. After dealing with many thousands of foreclosures, our team has the knowledge to make sure each and every aspect of our services are fully compliant and will stand up in court.


Our trained professionals provide in-depth reports for all property/occupancy inspections within New Jersey. Above and beyond traditional property/occupancy inspections Atlantic Legal also offers vacant and abandoned inspections.

Atlantic Legal offers a number of foreclosure services including:

  • Obtaining current address of owner

  • Photographs of property

  • Verifying military status

  • Verifying occupants/tenants and rental amounts of property

  • Verifying house condition with physical outer inspection of home

  • Obtaining personal knowledge for verification of occupants.

foreclosure property inspection


Serving eviction and foreclosure notices can be difficult, but Atlantic Legal's evictions and foreclosures process servers can deliver your documents without a hostile episode. Evictions and foreclosures are both time sensitive, whether a lender is attempting to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments or a landlord must force tenants to leave a property due to a failure to pay money that is due. Both situations involve potentially volatile relationships between the plaintiff and defendant, which we can help diffuse.