As a legal professional, you know all too well that not being able to locate individuals you need to serve documents on can be costly and time consuming. This is why Atlantic Legal offers a variety of skip tracing solutions, powered by our proprietary AI technology and backed by a skilled investigations team, capable of delivering immediate results.

Our pre-skip trace solutions provide you with the subjects’ most likely addresses and a probability rating on each before documents are served. Simply provide whatever info you may have on the subject and Atlantic Legal’s proprietary team will return the most accurate and up-to-date addresses available including service probabilities and correct venues, allowing you to make better decisions — faster!

Instant trace allows you to run a trace on a defendant whose physical location may be unknown or incorrect, which could result in the inability to successfully serve documents the first time. Our contact tracing experts employ our proprietary technology, integrated with other systems, to return more detailed information on the contact. You’ll receive address history, national change of address information, property information and aliases, all delivered directly to your email.

Need more detailed information on an individual, including one with more limited information? Our private investigators can run a deep search and provide you with a certified affidavit on every item found, including every item searched and everything that was returned.