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If you need to subpoena documents, you need Atlantic Legal’s record subpoena process server to complete the assignment as soon as possible. A records subpoena, also known as a subpoena duces tecum, is a court summons ordering a named party to appear in court and produce documents of other tangible evidence for use at trial.

The subpoena must be given to the person in charge of the documents or records you want produced in court. Accuracy is important: if you serve the wrong custodian of records, you won’t receive them. And, sometimes it can be difficult to reach the person in charge of the relevant medical or financial records.

To subpoena documents, you’ll need to complete a subpoena form, prepare a declaration as to why you need the documents, and have a subpoena issued by the court clerk. And once you do, we make sure your legal documents are served quickly on the right party by a professional record subpoena process server. In fact, we ensure we’ll find the right person every time.

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At Atlantic Legal, we use only the most experienced process servers, those familiar with local, state and national laws for record subpoena requests. They’ll ensure your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time frame, so you’ll be assured you can go forward with the legal action you’re pursuing.

When you use Atlantic Legal as your nationwide legal process service, you’ll find the judicial system can make a faster decision with all the information they need right at hand.