Atlantic Legal can take the hassle out of serving wage garnishments! Our 10 years of experience as a wage garnishment process server ensure the proper delivery of your legal papers as fast as possible if you’re facing a deadline.

Wage Garnishments are deductions from an individual’s employee compensation, a situation often resulting from a court order. Whether the garnishment is for child support, spousal support, defaulted student loans, taxes and fines, or court or arbitration judgements or rewards, these garnishments need to be served on a subject’s employers and taken as part of the payroll process.

Our process servers are experts in handling sensitive situations like these quickly and reliably.


Click HERE for forms that will help you submit a wage garnishment request.


At Atlantic Legal Process Servers, we use only the most experienced process servers, familiar with local, state and national laws for wage garnishment requests. They’ll ensure your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time frame, so you’ll be assured you can go forward with the legal action you’re pursuing.


When you use Atlantic Legal Process Servers as your nationwide legal process service, you’ll find the judicial system can make a faster decision with all the information they need right at hand.